Foods That Help Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

  • Fruits and vegetables have certain remarkable properties that have a magical effect on blood pressure. Switching to a vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure. Fruits are concentrated with potassium, Vitamin C and loads of soluble fiber, all of which contribute to lowering blood pressure. Fruits are low in sodium. 

    People who eat little or no fruits are prone to high blood pressure. 

    It's been common knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables is good food you, but now there is another reason to eat them. A new study from the St. George's Medical School in London, published in the April 2005 issue of Hypertension, compared the blood-pressure-lowering effects of potassium chloride against the effects of potassium citrate. The results of this study showed that potassium citrate has the same blood-pressure-lowering effects as potassium chloride, which has proven in the past to lower blood pressure. Potassium chloride, however, must be taken as a dietary supplement, whereas potassium citrate is found naturally in many foods. 

    Potassium Containing Fruits
    • Potassium is an electrolyte that helps lower blood pressure by regulating fluid balance and sodium. Potassium rich fruits, or those containing 225 milligrams of potassium per each half-cup serving, include apricots (fresh instead of canned), bananas, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, oranges and orange juice and prunes. 
      Fruits with moderate levels of potassium, 125 to 225 milligrams per serving, include apple juice, blackberries, cherries, grapefruit, peach, pears, pineapple, raisins, raspberries, strawberries, tangerine and watermelon.
Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots
Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cup
33% DV43% DV


Prunes (Dried Plums)
Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cup
30% DV40% DV


Dried Zante Currants and Raisins
Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cup
25% DV37% DV


Dates (Especially Medjool)
Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 Date
20% DV5% DV

Dried and Fresh Figs

Dried Figs
Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cupPotassium in 1 Fig
19% DV29% DV2% DV


Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cupPotassium in 1 Avocado
14% DV32% DV28% DV


Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cup mashedPotassium in 1 Banana
10% DV23% DV12% DV


Nectarines and Peaches
Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cup slicedPotassium in 1 Nectarine
6% DV8% DV8% DV

Potassium per 100gPotassium in 1 cup sectionsPotassium in 1 Orange
5% DV9% DV7% DV

Additional foods that help lower blood pressure...




Honeydew Melon

A delicious citrus salad for dinner


Marigolds are natural insect repellents in vegetable gardens. The red one here, I started indoors from seed. Although I transplanted it later in the season, it's starting to bloom and really take off. A few of the orange marigolds I planted earlier, are beginning to die and wither away. When the flowers die, the buds close up and dry. I pulled some of the dried pods. Peel them open and inside you'll find the seeds. They're very thin; like needles. Collect and save your seeds for your next garden and you can save lots of money too.
Tomato Sauce 
This delicious sauce is made from the tomatoes in my garden. 
I simply chopped up the tomatoes, blended them (skin and all) and slowly simmered them in a pot for about 20-30 minutes. Did you know you can freeze mason jars? Look for the ones that say "Freezer". Just make sure that you leave enough head space allowing for expansion.


This recipe is a popular dish served amongst the Muslim followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The method of browning rice in the oven or stove top before it is cooked, is taught to his followers, in his book, How To Eat To Live. 
See my step-by-step method on how brown rice here
Roasted Carrots

A great alternative to french fries. 

Simple ingredients. So easy to make. 
    Garlic Cilantro Salsa Verde

Nothing store bought compares to homemade salsas.