Grey Hair - how to get rid of it

A friend of mine came across and article about Blackstrap Molasses. She started taking it daily for her anemia. However, she also Suffered from premature greying. Practically all her hair was grey before she was 40. 

She was unaware while taking it for iron, that Blackstrap molasses was used to reverse grey hair. One of the causes of grey hair is the lack of the minerals; chromium and copper. After awhile she started noticing her hair at that roots of her scalp turning black. She told me "I can't believe it! I can't help it, but every morning I look in the mirror at my scalp and can literally see my natural hair color coming back!"

Thousands of people claim, blackstrap molasses helps to reverse grey hair.
You can purchase blackstrap molasses at your local grocery store or health food store. If it's not located in the aisle where they have honey and syrup, try the baking section.

Take one tablespoon (straight ) first thing in the morning or you can mix with a juice. You can also take it with milk.

Here's a nice "milk shake" recipe using Blackstrap Molasses:

1 TBLS Blackstrap Molasses
Hot Water
3/4 cup Milk
Add molasses to a glass and add just enough hot water to cover the molasses. Stir until dissolved. Add ice and then top off with Milk or.

People have claimed that Blackstrap molasses has helped cure the following:

Grey Hair
High blood pressure
Nerve damage
Cancerous tumors
Fibroid tumors, 
Heart palpitations
Arthritic pain
Joint pain
Low energy levels

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