15 Amazing Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

(c) photo: Lisa Muhammad
Carrot Juice 
Here's a whole host of health benefits of carrot juice that many people are not aware of. If you are looking to lose weight, cleanse your liver, blood, or begin a healthy diet, drinking carrot juice has a powerful effect upon these factors and can assist your goals of wanting to look and feel better in less time.  Here are great reasons why drinking carrot juice once or twice a week can facilitate a positive health change in your life.
Stroke Prevention
Carrots are high in potassium. In just one cup you get 689 mg of potassium. Maintaining normal levels of potassium allows the brain to function properly.  Having a healthy functioning brain is vital to helping you prevent a stroke.  Drinking carrot juice on a regular basis can help assure that your getting your daily potassium needs.
Stabilized Blood Sugar Levels
Having a low blood sugar level can cause many health scares.
(c) photo: Lisa Muhammad

Low blood sugar levels can cause comas in many individuals.  Likewise many may experience headaches, tremors, and severe nervous system conditions.  Having a healthy level of potassium in your body will prevent sugar levels from dropping to unhealthy levels.
Prevent Cramping
Many people experience severe levels of cramping when they have low levels of potassium.  If you are involved with strenuous exercises or activities that require sweating, potassium is lost through the sweat.  One way to prevent cramping after exercising is to have some type of potassium filled beverage.  Having a glass of carrot juice will raise your levels of potassium and can help prevent episodes of cramping.
Improved Eyesight
This is one of the most famous benefits of carrot juice. Carrots are high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for strengthening your eyesight.  Drinking carrot juice will supply you with the right type of vitamin A that your body desperately needs for great ocular performance.
Anti Inflammatory
If you are challenged with water on the knees or inflammation, bloating and other inflammation related issues drinking carrot juice is a great drink to assist with reducing inflammation in the body. After jogging, or hiking it’s easy for people who have joint issues or who have had surgery to experience inflammation or water build up. 
Cell Repair and Positive Cellular Growth
Drinking a glass of carrot juice can help repair and restore damaged cell tissues.  As we get older, cells begin to break down.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that rejuvenates old cells and allows the body to produce new cells.
Boosted Immune System to Fight the Cold/Flu
The common cold or flu can strike at any given time.  If your immune system is low, your body will not be able to fight off the many bacteria’s and viruses that we come into contact on a daily basis.  Carrots are filled with Vitamin C.  Although some people are not fond of the texture, having carrots in your diet is a great way to build up your immune system.  Mixing carrot juice into your daily drinks is a great way to get those much needed nutrients provided by carrots.
Getting the recommended hours of sleep at night has many benefits.  Our bodies need sleep to repair and grow new cells.  Our bodies are like rechargeable electronic devices.  We can only go so long before we run out of energy.  We need to be recharged in order to function at a high level of efficiency.
Getting the recommended hours of sleep allows you to concentrate and function throughout the day.  One way to be certain that you get the recommended hours of sleep is to incorporate a glass of carrot juice into your diet a few times a week.  Carrot juice facilitates melatonin production which aids in the body’s sleep patterns.  If your melatonin levels are off, you may tend to have difficulty sleeping or staying awake.  Taking a glass of carrot juice can assist you with remaining awake during the day and allow you to get those much needed long hours of sleep at night.
 A Healthy Liver
The liver is the body’s filtration device.  All the body’s waste and other toxic materials travel to the liver.  The liver needs to be cleaned and detoxified.  If the liver is not cleansed, the harmful waste can enter your blood stream and cause serious health problems.
Drinking a glass of carrot juice can be the answer for a clean healthy liver.  The Vitamin A acts as a cleansing agent.     This vitamin when taken in regular amounts helps cleanse the liver of the fats and other harmful contaminates.  Drinking carrot juice allows your liver to be cleansed and keep your body’s filtration system performing at its best.
 A Healthy Heart
(c) photo: Lisa Muhammad
Having a strong healthy heart will add years to your life.  Having carrots mixed into your diet gives you access to a supplement called carotenoids.  Those who have a high level of carotenoids are less prone to contracting chronic illnesses.  It is also believed that you lower your risk of heart disease by having this nutrient in your diet.  Carrots are filled with this nutrient, and by taking carrot juice you lower your chances of heart disease.
Hydrates the Body Properly
Dehydrated body also leads to dry and wrinkled skin that is why proper hydration is needed to prevent skin from dying. One of the best benefits of carrot juice is the aid to proper hydration of the body particularly the skin by its rich in mineral content essential for hydration such as calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur and iron. This is best combined with plain water because the more moisture on the skin the healthier it looks.
Balances the Skin Complexion
The potassium content of carrot juice effectively removes skin pigmentation thus effectively promoting healthy skin complexion. In addition, it also prevents the signs of Vitamin A deficiency like dry, scaly and rough skin as well as muscle spasms.
Prevents Several Skin Diseases
Several skin diseases may be prevented by including carrot juice in the diet. These disease are acne, scarring, dermatitis, rashes, eczema and wrinkles. In fact, carrot juice is also one of the main ingredients of skin products. Carrot juice can be applied eternally to reduce blemishes.
Slows Down Aging
Some of the best benefits of carrot juice are the effective prevention and cure of skin diseases by its rich antioxidant content. It is very rich in antioxidants essential in eliminating free radicals that cause cancer disease and aging. 
Improves Skin Elasticity
Carrot juice is not only rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants but also rich in Vitamin C. The Vitamin C present in carrot helps the production of collagen within the body; an essential protein that promotes skin elasticity. In addition, vitamin C also protects our body from foreign  bacteria that cause diseases. Vitamin C also helps in preventing wrinkles, blemishes and locking the aging process of the skin and body.