Cinnamon Milk With Honey - Great For Insomnia

With the weather getting cooler as the autumn arrives, warm cinnamon milk is a favorite in the fall. But for me, I like all year around. 


Two cups of wholesome, pure organic milk 
1 Teaspoon of honey
A few pinches of organic cinnamon

Warm the milk (do not boil)
Pour into mug and add remaining ingredients. 

Cinnamon is a warming tonic, great for this chilly time of year. Drinking cinnamon milk helps to warm our interior and increase circulation throughout our bodies. It can help to prevent and cure colds and flus. It's also great for chronically cold hands and feet.
In addition, cinnamon milk can help ease digestive issues like indigestion and cramping. It will also help firm loose bowels, so it is a very effective diarrhea remedy for children.

If you have difficulty sleeping this is and excellent remedy. It's also wonderful when you have cravings for ice cream (smile). 

I drink this just about every night before going to sleep. I love it. Children will love it too!