Canning 101 - Get Started Today With Basic Equipment

photo: Lisa Muhammad

There are two types of canning methods for preserving food, boiling water bath method and pressure canning. Our focus for basic equipment is for the boiling water bath method. 

The water bath method is used for canning different fruits and vegetables.  Some vegetables need to be pressured canned.  That means you need a pressure canner.  We'll post and article about pressure canning later, God willing. 

But right now, you can get started canning with a water bath canner. You can start canning certain vegetables fruits that are "high acid" using a water bath canner.  Canning recipes will TELL you which method to use. 

With the boiling water bath method you can start canning some of the recipes I have on this site and some of following foods:

All fruits
Jams and preserves

The following is the list items you need for water bath canning.

  • Large pot, kettle, canner - the pot used to process the canning in. Some canning pots come with a rack to place the jars in. Makes it easier to load jars.
  • Jars, lids (with band or rings) - to put the food in
  • Jar funnel - makes filling the jars easy and less messy
  • Jar lifter - makes lifting the jars out of the boiling hot water easy and safe
  • Towels for wiping up spills and placing jars on

Now to read more about canning you can go to this site. Pick your own. 
There's tons of canning sites to choose from. This one is just really simple and as lots of pictures and information not just about canning but farming, fruits and vegetables, etc.