How to grow huge basil plants

Basil can be grown in containers or outside in your garden plot

1. Plant with seeds or a starter plant. Start a few months before it gets warmer in or around February or March. You can also buy a starter plant at a nursery or a grocery store.
2. Well-drained soil is good soil for basil. If you grow yours in containers , the container itself needs to have good drainage holes.
3. Keep the temperature fairly warm with lots of sunlight (at least six hours a day). Basil likes warmer temperatures (over 50°F/10°C) so I grow mine in the summer outside. If you're growing it outside, a layer or mulch will help regulate temperature and prevent weeds from growing. If there's any hint of frost coming, protect the plants with a covering like sheets or blankets tied loosely around and held in place with rocks, stakes, or bricks. 
4. Fertilize the soil about once a month if you're growing it indoors. Organic or slow-release fertilizers (like compost tea) are best for basil. Just don't fertilize it below 60°F/16°C.
5. Water often in hot weather. I watered once a day when the temperatures got really hot this summer. But in more normal conditions, I water every other day or so. Check your soil to make sure it isn't getting dry either way.
6. Prune! Pruning leads to more basil. Start pruning the top leaves at around six inches tall and continue to prune as it gets bushier. Also, pinch off any flowers that you see so they don't go to seed. That will lead to bland and sparse plants.
7. Keep insects away. If pests are bugging your plants, I've heard using liquid seaweed as a fertilizer will help.