Preserving Lemons


Preserved lemons are used in many dishes, especially Middle Eastern and African dishes. 

Preserving Lemons is a great way to store those extra Lemons from your tree or from the market. No canning is required and the lemons with last for months up to a year or two.

What you'll need:
Kosher salt

What you'll need to do: 

Gather your lemons, scrub and wash them well.
For whole lemons, cut the ends of off.
Make an a cross incision. Do not cut all the way thru the lemon. Pour salt into the lemons. Get it all the way down into the middle. 


Add the lemons to the jar and add salt to each layer.
Mash the lemons down into the jar, enough to press the juices up over the lemons. If necessary, use a tooth pick to keep the lemon below the juice.


Cover the top with more salt add some lemon juice if necessary. Just make sure the lemons are below the juice. 

Cover and label. 
Leave the lemons on a counter for a 3-4 weeks then refrigerate. Turn them upside down occasionally. They will keep in the refrigerator a minimum of 6 months, last to  2 years. 

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