Sesame Seed Candy

Sesame Seed Candy

Sesame seed candy found in the stores are typically made with sugar. These are made with honey, which of course makes them much more healthier.



1 1/3 cups honey

3 cups toasted sesame seeds

If the sesame seeds are not already toasted lay them all out on a sheet pan and put in a (preheated to 350 degree) oven and toast until fragrant and golden brown. (This may take about 10 minutes. Check on them at the five minutes and keep a close eye on them

Prepare a sheet pan with parchment paper. 

Over medium high heat bring the honey to a boil. Stir in sesame seeds and bring to a second boil. Continue stirring for a minute or so more until it thickens and the seeds are coated with the honey. Pour onto prepared sheet. If you want to do bars of some sort you can smooth them down to even layers and then cut them later when they cool; if you want to make sesame balls wait a moment until they are cool enough to touch (but still slightly warm and flexible) and roll them on your palm (or any flat surface) in circles, logs or roll out flat and cut with a pizza knife or kitchen shears.