Growing Beets

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Beets do best in deep, well drained soil, but never clay, which is too heavy for large roots to grow. Clay soil should be mixed with organic matter to help soften it.

Hard soil can cause the roots of the beet to be tough. Sandy soil is best. If you plant beets in the fall, use a slightly heavier soil to help protect against any early frost.

When to Plant Beets

Beets can be grown all winter long in many southern states. In northern soils, beets shouldn’t be planted until the temperature of the soil is at least 40 F. 

Beets like cool weather. it’s best to plant them during cool weather. They grow well in cool temperatures in spring and fall and do poorly in hot weather.

When growing beets, plant the seeds 1 to 2 inches apart in the row. Cover the seeds lightly with loose soil, and then sprinkle it with water. You should see the plants sprouting in seven to 14 days. If you want a continuous supply, plant your beets in several plantings, about three weeks apart from each other.

You can plant beets in partial shade, but when growing beets, you want their roots to reach a depth of at least 3-6 inches, so don’t plant them under a tree where they might run into tree roots.

When to Pick Beets

Harvesting beets can be ready to harvest seven to eight weeks after the planting of each group. When the beets have reached the desired size, gently dig them up from the soil.