Safe Containers For Growing Food

Clay pots.jpg

If you desire to grow food in containers on a balcony, patio, rooftop, pretty much anywhere,  consider the type of container you wish to grow them in. There are some containers that can leak harmful chemicals into soil and plants. Here are a few to consider which are food safe. 

Terra Cotta (Clay) pots as well as stone or cement and NOT Glazed. Also, if you're considering buy or using clay, know where the clay pots are coming from or what they were used for as clay is very porous and can soak up chemicals.

Wood is another option. Many planters and window boxes are made of wood. Cedar, Juniper and Redwood are excellent. They last long time. Cedar can last up to 20 years and Juniper up to 50. 

5 Gallon FOOD GRADE buckets are another option. Do not use the 5 gallon buckets that were used for paint or other dangerous and harmful chemicals. I've been able to pick up free, 5 gallon food grade buckets from the bakery section of local grocery stores. It's a great way to recycle the buckets. Use food grade BPA free buckets. The grade and type is usually printed on the bottom of the bucket.