Parsley Tea Fights Lung Cancer

  • t is an antioxidant, which means it flushes out toxins from the body.
  • It is rich in vitamin C, which supports the absorption of iron in the body; thus, parsley tea cures anemia.
  • Parsley carries high levels of beta carotene, folate and vitamin B12. This enables it to enhance and stimulate the assimilation and nutrient utilizing ability of organs.
  • One of the biggest parsley tea benefits is its assistance in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism.
  • It maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels and also helps in repairing their wear and tear.
  • It is rich in enzymes that boosts the digestive system and excretory system.
  • It promotes the digestion of fats and proteins that further helps in intestinal absorption.
  • It helps in liver assimilation and storage.
  • It helps in treating gum problems.
  • It relieves excessive gas from the alimentary canal.
  • It contains apiol, a constituent of female sex hormone called estrogen. It helps in bringing regularity in menstrual cycles.
  • It assists in easing menstrual cramps.
  • Parsley tea has high content of chlorophyll. Therefore, it assists the body in getting rid of harmful, pathogenic micro-organism.
  • It helps the lungs to discharge residues that keep accumulating in it due to environmental pollution.
  • Parsley tea is also known to inhibit cancerous tumor growth, especially in the lungs. 
  • There is a compound in parsley which kills up to 86% of lung cancer cells

Parsley tea is able to detoxify the body, stimulate the immune system, improve vision, protect against chronic disease, prevent tumor formation, aid heart health, lower inflammation, freshen your breath, shield against asthma, regulate menstruation and lower risk of birth defects. This powerful tea should not be used by everyone, particularly pregnant women as it acts as uterus stimulant. Parsley tea is abundant in oxalic acid. Thus, it should not be given to patients of kidney inflammation as it may cause the formation of kidney stones. As with anything, always consult your health practitioner if you are unsure if you should consume parsley tea.