Breast Tenderness Natural Home Remedy

Cabbage leaf.jpg

All you need is to place the cabbage leaves between 2 plastic sheets and flatten with a rolling pin to eliminate the juice. Then apply the leaves on the affected area and use a bandage to secure it. You will notice the considerable difference after few uses only.

How To Use Cabbage Leaves On Your Breasts

When it comes to breastfeeding, cabbage leaves do wonders. They reduce breasts tenderness and inflammation, while increasing the duration of breast feeding. Also, the hardness of the engorged breasts is significantly reduced by applying this cabbage leaves treatment. 

Here’s how to use cabbage for painless breasts:

  1. Place a red or green cabbage in the refrigerator to chill (about 30 minutes).
  2. Then remove the first and the second layer of leaves.
  3. Pull off 2 large inner leaves and wash them with cold water to clean them of any dirt or pesticide residue.
  4. Cut out the stem from the center of each leaf.
  5. Place the cabbage leaves on your breasts without covering your nipples.
  6. You can wear a bra, or leave them just like that on your breasts for 20 minutes, or until your breast swelling is gone.

This cabbage leaves treatment should be use only as a breast pain and swelling relief remedy. Avoid using it on a daily basis if the pain has gone.