Garlic Oil For Earache & Ear Infections

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One of the most common reasons children are given antibiotics is for ear infections. This simple garlic infused Olive Oil for ear infections and earache is a simple natural remedy that helps ease the pain of infection immediately.


One of the many reputed benefits of garlic is in treating earache. This is possibly because of its antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Allicin is the major biologically active component of garlic. It is responsible for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic. Allicin is the most powerful medicinal compound derived from garlic and provides the greatest reputed health benefits.  Allicin does not occur in "ordinary" garlic, it is produced when garlic is finely chopped or crushed. The finer the chopping and the more intensive the crushing, the more allicin is generated and the stronger the medicinal effect.

Allicin starts to degrade immediately after it is produced, so its medical effectiveness decreases over time. Cooking speeds up this degradation and microwaving appears to destroy allicin totally and eliminate any health benefits.

With that in mind, when making the garlic infusion, use fresh garlic and apply the infusion as soon as possible.

3 tablespoons organic olive oil
2 large cloves of garlic crushed
In a small pan, warm the oil to touch. Do not let it get so hot that is smokes or even sautee's the garlic. Add the crushed garlic and swirl in the pan. The minute the garlic becomes fragrant, remove the pan from the heat. 


  1. Place in a small glass container and let cool to a temperature tolerable for use.
  2. Strain the mixture.
  3. Store in a dark colored glass bottle with a dropper.


  1. Apply 1-2 drops inside each ear canal as well as rub another drop or so on the external entrance. You can also rub some behind the ear in the area where the lobe connects to the head. In most people there should be a small indentation here to make it easy to identify.
  2. To help keep the oil in the ear you may need to use a little cotton at the entrance of the ear. Or try placing one drop on the cotton in addition to in the canal and keeping it in the ear overnight.
  3. To really boost the healing process, place a hot damp washcloth over the ear for about 20 minutes while the garlic oil is instilled. The damp heat expands the blood vessels so blood, and the germ fighting white blood cells, rush to the area to speed up healing.