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About us.

Greeting of peace to everyone. Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Lisa. I am a native of Massachusetts. Here's a little something about me and the inspiration behind Cook & Garden and our shop, ANAN Botanica.  

I enjoy the outdoors, foraging for wild medicinal plants, gardening, healthy foods, beach combing and discovering natural healing methods and remedies. I created this space to share the little snippets of things I'm learning through life's journey. 

I was raised and loved by a Mother, who was not only beautiful, but also extraordinarily creative, talented, adventurous, altruistic and God fearing. She loved the outdoors, crafts, sewing, cooking, gardening and being a stay-at-home-Mom.

Whenever we were sick or a little bruised from the winds of life, she used natural remedies learned from her grandmother, to cure our ailments. She passed those little remedies on to me and here, I’ll share some with you.

Like her grandmother, she was called “Nana”. Thus, in honor of her, I named our business Anan Botanica (pronounced “AH NAHN” ) which is “Nana” spelled backwards. This site and my shop is dedicated to her.

It is my sincere desire, that what I share, will bring good health, enlightenment, inspiration, peace and beauty into your lives. 

Thank you for visiting Cook & Garden and our shop Anan Botanica.



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