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About me

Greeting of peace to everyone. Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Lisa. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and I currently reside in Georgia. Here's a little something about me and the inspiration behind Cook & Garden. 

I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, cooking and sharing recipes for healthy meals, kayaking, homesteading, the art of self-sufficiency and discovering natural healing methods and remedies. I created this space to share the little snippets of things I've learned through life's journey. 

I was raised and loved by a Mother, who was not only beautiful, but also extraordinarily creative, talented, adventurous and altruistic. She influenced me greatly. Cook & Garden is dedicated to her.


It is my sincere desire, that what I share will bring good health, enlightenment, inspiration and beauty into your lives. 

Thank you for visiting Cook & Garden



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